Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Netflix Series and Rosé Wines

Let’s face it, we are in the middle of a crazy summer! Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was no vacation for La Wina. This year, I had plans to visit both the Washington and Oregon wine trails, which I postponed for next Summer. I suppose I could have tried to go somewhere not crowded, for a few days, maybe near the beach and by car, but the truth is that everything is so uncertain these days, I decided it was best to stay put in my apartment. And, like many of you, part of my weekends are filled with Netflix series. 

At the beginning, I didn’t want to waste my time watching TV all day.  But there was nothing else to do for fun. Before beginning any new series, I always check how many episodes they have, to decide to start or not, for me shorter is always better, 8-12 episodes at most, since I get antsy very easily, when I see too many episodes or many seasons. From the beginning, I decided not to watch any dramas… life is dramatic enough, don’t you think? And chose comedies or rom-coms instead! With the occasional thriller, I love thriller movies/books/series. I also love to watch series made in Europe: Spain, France, Italy, UK, Denmark, etc. This way, I can also enjoy some traveling vistas too! Though, sometimes I wonder, after seeing so much beauty, What the heck am I doing in NJ?

So, here are some of my favorites: Valeria, (Spain) she is a writer, trying to find her voice, so she starts writing about herself and her friends. The Hook Up Plan (France) her boyfriend dumped her, so her friends hire a guy to seduce her and boost her self esteem, she ends up falling in love with a gigolo...I loved this one, especially because I can brush up on my French, and get lost in the streets of Paris! 2 seasons.  Unorthodox (Germany/USA), she is a Hassidic girl who decides to be free...and finds love and herself in the process. I loved her courage and her pixie cut!  Lovesick (UK) they are roommates, they are in love with each other, but with different timings, will they ever find their way? This one will make you think about love and fate, are the important things in our lives written? Rita (Denmark): she is a high school teacher that will make you laugh, are all guys in Denmark blond and tall, GQ cover men? 4 seasons. Money Heist (Spain), this is a worldwide phenomenon and one of the most seen shows in Netflix, what if a group of thieves take over the National Reserve Bank in Spain and start printing millions of Euros? 4 seasons, though for me the first two were best. Ciao Bella Ciao, Ciao, Ciao… I love that song.... Marcella (UK), she is a detective trying to catch serial killers, plus sometimes she blacks out, making you think that she may have killed one of the characters in the show and now doesn’t remember, 3 seasons. 

Now, what to drink to watch all of these?  A fine selection of Rosés. To learn about the different styles and places to get the best Rosé read an earlier post of mine. Thank you to Frederick Wildman, HB Merchants and Royal Wines for providing samples for me to taste.

Castello Monaci Kreos Rosé 2019 $14.99
Great value comes from the South of Italy, and this is exactly the case with this Castello Monaci Rosé from Puglia. Kreos rosé is named after a Greek Goddess that used to cry for the death of her son killed by Achilles. Made from 100 % Negroamaro grapes, planted in calcareous soils and vinified completely in stainless steel, using the saignée method.  A refreshing rosé featuring crushed strawberries and sour cherry notes and a lively finish.

Santi Infinito Rosé 2019, Veneto, Italy $12.99
This rosé comes from the Veneto region near Lake Garda. It’s a blend of 60% Corvina, 25% Rondinella, 15% Molinara, the same blend used in Valpolicella and Bardolino reds. Santi Infinito Rosé is also made in stainless steel, under low temperatures to preserve the freshness of the fruit. A small portion of this wine undergoes malolactic fermentation. A dynamic rosé with ample citrus and strawberries notes and very balanced acidity.

La Bastarde Rosato di Toscana 2019 $9.99
Made from 100 % Sangiovese grapes, this rosato from Tuscany was made with the saignée method and aging on lees for 3 weeks. An expressive rosé , with juicy strawberry, pomegranate and orange blossom notes, complemented by a refreshing finish. Delish!

Hecht and Bannier Rosé 2019, Côtes de Provence $19.99
Enticing Rosé from Provence, featuring a blend of Grenache, Cinsault and Rolle.  Made fully in stainless steel.   Hecht and Bannier rosé showcases intense raspberry and orange zest notes and a tight mineral finish. Fleshy!

Domaine de Tarique Côtes de Gascogne Rosé de Presée 2019 $13.99
Well crafted Rosé from the Gascony in SW France. It’s a blend of 30% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Franc, 25% Syrah, 15% Tannat. Domaine de Tarique rosé  is a full bodied Rosé with fresh plum and ripe cherry notes and zesty acidity.

Chateau Sainte Beatrice Rosé 2019 $19.99
Made from a blend of Cinsault, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon and a small amount of Syrah. A harmonious rosé, exudes white cherry and strawberry notes and a very crispy finish. Kosher.

Chateau Roubine Cru Classe Rosé 2019 $24.99
A blend of Cinsault, Grenache, Tibouren, Syrah, Mourvedre and Rolle all grown organically. After a short maceration with skins, fermentation takes place under strictly controlled temperatures to preserve fruitiness. No malolatic fermentation is allowed. An elegant rosé delivers mineral (chalky) notes and intense strawberry and raspberry aromas. Kosher.

There you have it! Now, let me continue watching Billions on Showtime, I just found out why I live in NJ, because I am only 20 minutes away from one of the most beautiful cities on earth: New York, I raise a glass to you, we have less cases of Covid 19 every day! Cheers, Silvina.

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