About Me

Silvina G Palacio, DipWSET, CWS

Hi, my name is Silvina but most people know me as La Wina, I'm a Wine Blogger and Wine Educator. Those that are familiar with me, subscribe to my blog called "Thoughts of La Wina" published twice a month in Blogger. I started this blog in February 2019,  to teach my students at NSSR/Economics about wine. But my journey began,  when I was a very young girl, my father loved Malbec and used to put some in my seltzer water, a practice very common in Argentina.
True knowledge about wine came much later though, when I started working at Wines from Spain/ Embassy of Spain, our focus was to promote the importing and selling of Spanish brands to the US. There I became an expert on all the different Spanish grape varieties and appellations. Later on, I thought it was important to learn about what the other countries were doing and started to take wine classes and courses.  I got the Wine and Education Spirit Trust Diploma in Wines and Spirits (WSET) in 2006 and the American Society of Wine Educators Certified Wine Specialist (CWS) Diploma later that year.  During that time I had the opportunity of meeting some of the most important wine experts, MW and MS in the US.
After 5 years at Wines from Spain I went to work for two wine Public Relations Agencies, for  them I organized wine events, in-store tastings and I also continued teaching about wines to consumers. In 2008, I started working for Frederick Wildman and Sons, a prestigious wine importer that sells wines from all around the world. This gave me an opportunity to familiarize myself with Italian and French wines and discovered that my favorite region is Burgundy and Pol Roger is my favorite NV champagne.  After 12 long years, I decided to stop working in the wine business, but wine continued to be my passion, now materialized in my blog. Who knew writing was going to be my thing ? Well it is, I hope you enjoy reading my blog, and mostly I hope after reading it, you will know a bit more about wine, and especially what you like and what you don't like. In which case I will be super proud of you!
Salud, a votre Santé, Cheers ☺
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