Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Music and Wine: a ritual @Chez La Wina

Let me start by saying that I put lots of time in the planning of my posts, I keep a calendar with themes and always try to write about things I like, and that the winos would like to learn/read about. Yet, once in a while I act on impulse, and step away from my calendar structure, to write about things that are happening now, like what I do during the COVID 19 pandemic quarantine. 
At the time I’m writing this post, it’s been 52 days since lock down...I suppose I should be thankful that I got to keep my day job. I’m so lucky to be able to work from home. But really, having to stay home everyday, can be a bit too much… there are days I just want to jump out of my window so bad…I guess I have zero patience as you may see/read. I suppose I will have to reincarnate 1,000 lives to learn to be patient... While on other days, I’m more connected to my soul and therefore more accepting of my fate/lessons to learn that can only make me stronger and accelerate the progress on my spiritual path....gosh….I sound like one of the many spiritual books I like to read...but really,... WHEN IS IT GOING TO END? So, this is me, sending a message to the universe, please give me back my life...before I go completely insane!!! Or in my case more loquita!

So, besides work, and checking on my family and friends, which include the winos too. I tried to make time for other things like, 1) Walk every morning to get some fresh air, and to burn the wine I drank yesterday night… Let’s be honest here, how many of you have gained weight during the pandemic? I’m no different from you, and must admit I had way too many chocolates, cookies, ice cream, wine, chips... I guess all of us are overcompensating a bit these days... 2) Watch governor Cuomo at noon, because for me, he is a modern day superman/hero of the pandemic and we definitely need more politicians like him in this world. Finally a politician with a heart, someone who knows when to be tough and when to show some vulnerability.... Men of the world: some of you can definitely learn from him! 3) Watch a webinar about wine, Karen McNeil,  WSET, Vinexpo New York, New Zealand Wine Growers, etc do this on Instagram and Zoom... keeping the wine nerd inside of me very, very happy. But, the event of the day 4) and the mood in my apartment/Chez La Wina, changes around 5 pm, when it is time to open a bottle of wine… because if life is hard these days, imagine how much harder it will be without wine! 

These days, I have a few choices to pick from my cellar, since I decided to start posting in my blog every week, it's like I’m on this marathon to taste all the samples that importers/ PR people and wineries have sent to me, to be able to include the brands I like in my posts. In the past, when I was posting every two weeks, I took my sweet time to do this, plus then, I was tasting with the winos (something I truly miss!, I especially miss the excitement in their faces when we tasted together) I guess Wednesdays and Fridays were very special then, since we all knew that when the clock reached 5 pm, it was time to open and taste a bottle of wine together. (Wine Zoom meetings are not the same!)
Last night I decided to try a sample of Fattoria di Basciano Chianti Rufina 2017, my post on Sangiovese is coming up next week, and this is the last bottle of Sangiovese before going live with the post.  Soon, I will switch to whites, with a lineup of Ruedas and Rías Baixas wines waiting for me (earlier on, I chose to do a post about the most important Spanish white grapes). Note to myself:request some Rieslings, Chenin Blancs and Sauvignon Blancs for my post on Cool climate whites). 
After Rueda and Rías Baixas, it will be time for Torrontés, and this is a message to all wine suppliers reading this post, I have not received many samples of this grape…So, if you sell some Torrontés, please send some my way. I want to see some love for my favorite white Argentinean grape!

So, I grab my wine and my small bag of chips, because La Wina doesn’t have dinner at night (I started doing this a while ago to avoid gaining weight) and off I go. By the way, any chips can do: cheetos, doritos, potato chips, freetos, etc…. I guess I should write a post about chips and wine food matching next….will the winos want to read about that?  But, don’t you dare, judge me!!! Chips are something I started eating during the pandemic, before that, dinner was just a glass of wine, while I caught up on all the gossip happening in Argentinean TV on youtube.

Nowadays, and because of Covid 19, I taste my wines while listening to music on Spotify. I guess because music has the power of making me happy, even on the worst of days.  So, this is what I listen to, sometimes, I start with some new songs from the Weeknd (Blinding Lights and In your Eyes), or Lady Gaga (Stupid Love), or Doja Cat (Say so), Regard (Ride it), Selena Gomez (Feel me)... Surprised? you didn’t think I was so cool to know the new hits on the radio these days? Hahaha, people, that is all I listen when I exercise: pop current hits. 
Other times, it's just Spanish Reggaeton (Rap), anything from J Balvin (Ritmo, Blanco, Amarillo), or Nicky Jam and Daddy Yankee (Muevelo), Tainy (Nada de Nada), Oriana Sabatini (Luna Llena), and Tini (Recuerdo, Sueltate el pelo, Ya no me llames mas), and anything by Maluma (I know I'm old enough to be his mother, but he is just too handsome and sexy!).
And then of course come the oldies... for a middle aged chick like me, that  means music anywhere from the 80's, and forward,  So, yes some nights are just Madonna's greatest hits (the classics: Material Girl, Into the Groove, La Isla Bonita, Express yourself, Angel, Dress you up, Music), Erasure 20 Pop hits! (Oh L'amour, Chains of Love , A little respect, Victim of Love), The Police and anything from Sting (English Man in NY, Message in a Bottle, Can't Stand Losing you, Roxanne, Dododo dadada, S.O.S), and then of course, the night needs to end by listening to The Doors because it was the music that was playing on the radio on the year I was born… (I’m vintage 1967), and because the movie “The Doors” was the first movie I saw when I moved to America in March of 1991, I liked it so much, I went and bought myself the soundtrack of the movie the next day. 

Going back to the Basciano Chianti Rufina 2017, this juicy red was made from 91% Sangiovese and 7 % Colorino fermented with skins for 20 days, followed by aging for 8 months in French oak. This spicy red is medium bodied with refreshing acidity, aromas of plum, blackberry, dried herbs (oregano and sage), featuring a solid structure and a round long finish. And at $14.99 a great value! I liked it so much, I’m going to keep on drinking this for the next two days or until I run out (whatever comes first). 
Now, where was I?, oh yes listening to Jim Morrison’s sexy voice singing: “You know that I will be untrue, you know that I will be a liar, if Am I to say to you, girl we couldn’t get much higher..come, baby light my fire…”♫♬♫♬
My advise to you is go grab a glass of wine, some olives, cheese or chips, put some music on and celebrate that you made it to another day! or as I like to say 1 day less of the many until we go back to normal. Cheers! Silvina.

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PS: A special thanks to Kristen from HB Merchants for donating this wine.

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