Tuesday, December 31, 2019

What to Drink now that Winter is finally here!

Happy 2020!
Winter has finally arrived to NYC, and even though I have lived in the Tri-state area for longer than in my country (Argentina) fyi, I will celebrate my 29th anniversary in America next March, still snow and temperatures below 20 will never be my thing! Probably because in Santa Fe, where I was born and grew up, is not as cold, the coldest it gets is only 32, and that is something that doesn’t happen every year, either! So winters in NYC were always tough for me, will I ever learn to love the snow and freezing temperatures?

With this in mind, what can La Wina possibly drink to to keep warm and cheer up during the shortest and coldest days?  Williams & Humbert Crema De Alba, a delicious creamy spirit made with Brandy de Jerez Gran Duque de Alba Reserva and a concoction of cream, cacao and vanilla.

Smooth, velvety and sweet Williams & Humbert Crema de Alba is wonderful drink to have chilled, on its own or on ice. I loved it the first time I tasted this in the early 2000s, but then it was only available in Spain. To my surprise, I attended a Sherry master class by Williams & Humbert a few months back and there it was the Crema De Alba, now available in the US, and with suggested retail price of only $22. Wonderful!

It tastes very similar to a dulce de leche liqueur, I used to make in Argentina, behind my parents back….. Yes! once upon a time, me and my friends used to blend, 2 spoons of dulce de leche, 1 spoon of powder cocoa and 2 measures of cognac from my father’s stash…it was our favorite drink to watch soap operas at nap time, ah... those were the days!...Later that year, when I went with my friends to Bariloche (the Aspen of Argentina), my mother herself prepared a whole bottle of this drink…for us to make the cold weather more tolerable. I guess she knew what I was doing, all along😉

But back to our Crema de Alba, the base of this incredible liquor is Williams & Humbert Brandy de Jerez Gran Duque de Alba, made from Palomino and Airén grapes, and distilled in stills to perfection. This brandy is then aged in a solera system of american oak casks where previously Oloroso sherry had been aged. By all means, if you are Brandy drinker, I highly recommend you give it a try, too. 

Thank you, Williams & Humbert & Palm Bay Imports for providing samples for me to taste… I’m happy to report that the Winos were crazy about this one too! Silvina.

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